Amin Maalouf, Raija Malka, Melek Mazici and Kaija Saariaho
28.01.2011 – 13.03.2011, Kiasma

A fusion of music, art and literature, Tidelines is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between three artists. The project was inspired by Amin Maalouf’s writings on the theme of identity. Raija Malka, Melek Mazici and Kaija Saariaho comment on Maalouf’s ideas, each using their own distinct artistic vocabularies. All three artists share the view that the self is not a single, coherent monolith but an amalgamation of many diverse and constantly shifting identities.
Each of the contributing artists has a cosmopolitan background: all move fluidly from one country and culture to another. Evoking many senses at once, Tidelines highlights Europe’s multilingualism and multiculturalism. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with WSOY. Finnish translations of Amin Maalouf’s books Leo Afrikkalainen (Leo the African) and Maailma järkkyy (The Dissolution of World Orders) were published in conjunction with the opening.

A tideline refers to the point where two currents converge in the ocean. The plural refers to driftwood, seaweed, foam and other floating debris that accumulates to form sinuous lines.